Chic Graphique - Women's Fashion


We're for all girls, everywhere. For trendsetters, for goal setters, for the girls who don't play to conventionality and pave their own way in life. For the go-getters, the opportunity makers and the girls who celebrate their individuality through their style. With amazing new threads being added to our store every single day, our mission is to empower you, to help you with finding your individual identity and to make you feel incredible about yourself no matter who you are.


Chic Graphique was founded and created in 2017 in Manchester by fashion blogger and graphic designer Dan Martin. After six years of working with big brands, blogging about womenswear fashion and being inspired by strong women, the time felt right to open Chic Graphique and bring a new twist and take to the fashion industry. We take pride in being a small brand that one day will be empowering all women everywhere for who they are as individuals.


We believe that getting inspired is key and that's exactly what we strive for, to be inspired and to inspire you. We take inspiration for our products from various sources. From individual women we see on the street to current global pop culture trends and of course, from the trends of the catwalks that you'll fall in love with. Our mission is to inspire you into wearing what you want and to always be yourself.